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Safety Operations

Matt Handley, AWAL Safety Officer

AWAL’s Safety Officer is selected from among the association’s most qualified pilots. They possess the right combination of knowledge, wisdom and experience, along with a willingness to share their insights with others towards ensuring the continued safe operation of warbirds in Australia’s skies.

You can contact the AWAL Safety Officer by email to


AWAL is committed to safe, fun, and sustainable Limited Category operations in Australian skies. Our members actively work to ensure LIMITED Category aircraft are flown to the highest standards. We enjoy an excellent safety record but do not take anything for granted., we strive to minimise risk in operating and displaying our historic aircraft.

Safety Reporting Forms

As part of AWAL’s ongoing efforts to ensure safety, the Association collects data on all hazards, incidents and accidents involving LIMITED Category aircraft. This assists us in identifying and addressing any trends or other risks that have the potential to negatively impact ongoing safe operations. Further to this, the Association is required to provide the Civil Aviation Safety Authority with quarterly statistics, to include any LIMITED Category incidents or accidents which may have occurred during the relevant time-frame.

Hazard Report

A Hazard constitutes something that you have identified or observed that could cause an incident or accident. Please use the Hazard Report Form to advise AWAL’s Safety Officer of any such risk.

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Incident Report

If you experience an incident or accident, it is critical that this is reported to the Association. Please use the Incident Report Form to advise AWAL’s Safety Officer of any incidents or accidents involving a LIMITED Category aircraft.

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