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Engineering and Safety Notices

FAA Airworthiness Directive

The US FAA has released AD 2023-17-04 to address issues with gasket materials used in 'Spin-on' oil filter adters on Continental IO-360 engines. AWAL advises that the following AD is required to be complied with. Registered Operators should contact their Maintenance Provider to discuss.

FAA AD 2023-17-04.pdf

AWAL Engineering Bulletins

Here are links to the current AWAL Engineering Bulletins

AWAL EB22-001 Lifing and Planning Tolerances 8Aug22.pdf  

AWAL EB21-001 Clarification of Cable Inspection Requirements - CA25 aircraft.pdf

AWAL EB20-001 30 year Retirement of V530 Propeller Blades.pdf 

AWAL EB18-003 AWAL Recommendations for Parts and Component Usage.pdf

AWAL EB18-002v3 Propeller Calendar Overhaul Life.pdf

AWAL EB18-001 CAR 2A Approval of Conductivity Testing of Materials.pdf

AWAL EB16-001v1.1 Piston Engine 'On-condition'.pdf

FAA Airworthiness Directive

The US FAA has released AD 2022-21-11 due to cracking of some Main Rotor Blades (MRB) fitted to UH-1 helicopters. AWAL advises that the following AD is required to be complied with. Registered Operators should contact their Maintenance Provider to discuss.

FAA AD 2022-21-11.pdf  

Safety Advisory Notice to Yak52 Owners and Maintainers

The ATSB issued a Safety Advisory Notice to Yak52 owners and maintainers in November 2020. Albeit not the cause of the Yak52 accident off Sth Stradbroke Is, a pre-existing crack was found in the elevator bellcrank prompting the ATSB into investigating further. AWAL published this Safety Notice on Social Media and on the AWAL website. The website operates on a different platform now and some content from the old site may have been lost. Yak 52 owners and operators should familiarise themselves with the notice again and discuss the recommendations with their maintenance provider

ATSB Safety Advisory Notice AO-2019-027-SAN-024.pdf

AWAL Engineering Bulletin 22-001

With the imminent introduction of CASR 1998 Pt 43 and in line with what is regarded as the ‘norm’ in the maintenance of many GA type aircraft, AWAL has decided to introduce a planning tolerance via AWAL Engineering Bulletin EB22-001, to the periodicities stated in AWAL approved Maintenance Programs. This will be helpful in allowing continued operation when there are extended manufacturing or supply delays for parts and to provide flexibility for planning Scheduled Inspections.

AWAL EB22-001 Lifing and Planning Tolerances 8Aug22.pdf

Civil Aviation Authority Safety Notice

Applicability:Rolls-Royce and Packard Merlin series engines(All Marks) 

Number: SN-2021/015

FAA Aviation Safety Emergency Airworthiness Directive 

Applicability: Bell Model 204B, 205A, 205A-1, 205B, and 212 helicopters. 

(AD) 2021-15-51

FAA Aviation Safety Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin

Potential non-conforming Military Specifications (MS), Army Navy Standards (AN) and National Aerospace Standards (NAS) fasteners.

SAIB HQ-14-16

Propeller Calendar TBOs

AWAL has approved the removal of calendar TBO’s from propellers fitted to piston engine ‘Warbirds’. Please read the attached AWAL Engineering Bulletin.

AWAL EB18-002 Propeller Calendar Overhaul Life

AWAL Approved NDT Procedures

AWAL has issue Engineering Bulletin EB18-001 which approved the use of NDT Australia’s procedures for verifying the material specifications of undocumented non-ferrous materials used during the manufacture of aircraft parts.

AWAL EB18-001 CAR 2A Approval of Conductivity Testing of Materials

Yak 52 Maintenance Program - Amendment 4

Amendment 4 of the Yak 52 Maintenance Program has just been approved. We have included a procedure in case of prop strike and an additional life policy on factory hoses.

Please email the Director of Self Administration at and request an update Maintenance Program. Don’t forget to provide your rego.

T6/SNJ Wing Spar Corrosion

I would like to bring to the attention of all T6/SNJ/Havard and Wirraway owners, UK CAA AD G-2013-001. The inspection criteria of this AD is a little more comprehensive than the associated FAA AD. Corrosion has been found in an Australian registered SNJ during compliance with the UK AD. AWAL recommends owners have their Maintenance Orgs inspect their aircraft IAW the AD. 

 UK CAA AD G-2013-0001

AD/PHS/10 Am2

AWAL is pleased to advise that it has negotiated an amendment to AD/PHS/10 that extends the compliance time from 6 to 12 years. This is a great outcome for our members and will save many thousands of dollars for those affected. AWAL has issued a Maintenance Direction, with some additional maintenance requirements as a blanket amendment to approved Maintenance Programs. 

AWAL MD 16-001v3 On Going Airworthiness of HS Propellers 2Nov16

Engineering Contacts

AWAL approved persons for the purposes of issuing LIMITED category certificates of airworthiness:

Phillip Goard, Cowra NSW, (02) 6341 1635
Charlie Camilleri, Bathurst NSW, 0409 455084
Barry Pover, Carrum Downs VIC, 0416 565028
Jack Moshovis, Jandakot WA, 0412 204155
Stephen Death, Albury NSW, 0428 698862
Andrew Bishop, Temora NSW, 0414 285556
Cameron Rolph-Smith, Archerfield QLD, 0409 052681
Alex von Mengerson, Wagga Wagga NSW, 0408 281378

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